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Our COVID-19 Response:

1. Social Distance Measures in Place; Signage, Floor markings, Pre-cut trees located inside & outside to maintain social distancing.

2. Increased cleaning of washroom, saws, carts.

3. Hand sanitizer stations located on farm.

4. Wagon rides limited to minimize physical distancing. Nature Trail OPEN.

5. Fire pits, one hour limit. Photo Centre open; excluding face cutouts.

6. Concession Stand open with COVID-19 regulations in place.

7. No Photography sessions allowed during operating hours.


Safety Procedures:

- Customers are encouraged to always practice physical distancing.

- Use hand sanitizer frequently.

- Wear mask as required.

CASH ONLY;  Due to our rural area internet, there is no debit. Please try to have exact dollar amount  if possible. Change will be provided if needed. 


We have increased our hours during the week to better accommodate our customers, in order to diversify the volume of people and to safely achieve social distancing. As volumes are regulated we will have monitors in place to regulate volumes on busier weekends.

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